Drug Rug Hoodie – $45 Free Shipping Worldwide!

The infamous drug rug hoodie was made popular by Hippies and skaters in California in the 70’s but now they are worn by everyone.

What is the real name for a drug rug?

The baja hoodie is the real name for a drug rug

Drug Rug Hoodies for Men

drug rug hoodies for men

Drug Rug Hoodies for Women

drug rug hoodies for women

There really aren’t different cuts for men and women because true drug rugs are all unisex meaning either men or women can wear them. Some colors tend to be more popular with women over men but that doesn’t men you can’t wear any specific color because of your gender. Just know that the sizing goes pretty well with mens sizing so they will fit women a little loose and females should take that into consideration when ordering and order down a size for a better fit.

Some other people call these baja jacket, Mexican hoodie or drug rug sweater. I guess those names make sense but it is an actual hoodie. Of course hoodies are called jumpers down under in Australia and some other parts of the world so they would call them baja jumpers or drug rug jumpers. And yes we ship a lot of baja hoodies to Australia even though it seems like it is always hot there.

Do you Ship Drug Rugs to Europe?
  • Yes we ship a lot of bajas to Europe, especially the colder climates like Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.
What are they Made From?
  • All Mexican Threads bajas are made from recycled shirts. We get all the material and make yarn in about 30 different colors and then we weave them all together to make the material (jerga or franela) for the baja hoodies. This way you can do your part to buy recycled products that are eco-friendly to the environment. They end up being a combo of Polyester, Cotton and Acrylic but they are super soft and feel like they are all cotton.
  • No they are not made out of hemp. They do look like they should be but they are not.

Thanks for visiting bajahoodie.com we are the leaders of this product in the world and we have shipped to almost every country in the world since we were founded in December 2009. We are very thankful for all of our wonderful customers and we are proud to provide the largest selection of colors and sizes of baja drug rugs. We come out with new colors every 4 months! So if you don’t see something you like just check back. And remember all of our bajas are $45 and include Free Shipping on ALL Orders to Every Location on our great planet Earth.