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Baja Hoodie Australia – Drug Rug AU

Trying to find baja hoodie Australia vendors is a headache. But not anymore! Mexican Threads™ now ships drug rugs to Australia for FREE.

Baja Hoodie Australia

Now you can buy baja hoodies in AU and get high quality drug rugs at a better price than the cheap knockoffs offered by others. Remember, if it didn’t come from MexicanThreads.com it’s not a Real Baja Hoodie.

Nobody knows the baja hoodie better than we do here at BajaHoodie.com. Our name says it all. We made the baja pullover popular again when we launched our sister company Mexican Threads™ in 2008. We offer free shipping to everyone in the USA but then we decided to give Free Shipping for a limited time to everyone in Australia as well!

Free Shipping of Baja Hoodies to Australia

Just use the coupon code AU at checkout on MexicanThreads.com to get free shipping (usually $15 USD) to anywhere in Australia.

baja hoodie aubaja hoodie australia

What are you waiting for? And why are you still reading all the way down here? We have nothing more for you on this page, go get your baja with free shipping while the deal is still going on.